Welcome to the Davidson in China website!  Here you can read blog posts, photos, and other media from students who participated in the Program in 2012, 2014, 2016, and 2018.  You’ll also find information about the program and its various components.  Stay tuned for more information about the next iteration of the program, which is planned for the fall of 2022.

Davidson group in Wenhai

Fall 2018 Posts

My Experience in Shanghai

I still remember the first day I landed in Shanghai. As one who grew up in Tokyo, Japan, Shanghai seemed similar to Tokyo in a way that everything was so accessible. Although as I spent more time and explored the local way of living in Shanghai, I … [Read More...]

Forbidden City and Jingshan Park

On the first full day at Beijing, we visited the Forbidden City and Jingshan Park. Although most of us had already been to Forbidden City, it was nice to see the beautiful architectures once again. After we went through the entrance with the iconic … [Read More...]

Interning in Shanghai’s French Concession

This past semester, I have been an intern at Rethink Manufacturing Solutions, an American owned Manufacturing Consultancy in Shanghai’s French Concession. Rethink is owned by two  young entrepreneurs from Portland, Oregon. Their objective is to … [Read More...]

Unpacking China

I spent my last semester in Hangzhou, an hour bullet train ride outside of Shanghai. An academic advisor described Hangzhou to me as “Shanghai on vacation.” It is smaller than Shanghai and has a more relaxed culture, but the features are pretty much … [Read More...]

Shanghai’s Hidden Gems

When I left Minneapolis and finally said goodbye to the States, I spent a lot of time mentally preparing myself for the next six months. I’d been to China before, but this time I was going to enter an entirely new environment. I was going to spend … [Read More...]