Fall 2018 Posts

Temple of Confucius

To start our November on a high note, we visited Beijing’s Temple of Confucius on an aptly crisp, autumn afternoon.  The Temple of Confucius is a local where people paid homage to the great thinker educator during the Yuan (1271-1368), Ming … [Read More...]


All of this travel through China has been awesome. Every city has a unique personality and millennia of history makes them fun to visit. Of the cities I’ve been, Beijing has my heart. For me, what makes the city so great is how lively the culture is. … [Read More...]

Shaolin Kung Fu Show in the Beijing Red Theatre

After traveling around Houhai in Beijing, we were treated to a kung fu show based off the famous Shaolin Temple. Thankfully, the tickets were relatively cheap with the price of about 160¥ per person, which is about $23. Before we were allowed to … [Read More...]

The Last of Beijing’s Hutongs

My first experience in China was for a two-month internship with the American Chamber of Commerce in Beijing. Knowing that I would be somewhat overwhelmed as a nineteen-year old, on my own in China, with a second-grader’s proficiency in Chinese, I … [Read More...]

Temple of Heaven

We arrived at the Temple of Heaven on a clear, crisp day in autumn. It was that perfect temperature where you could wear anything from short sleeves to a Burberry coat comfortably (as shown below in a photo). Tai chi Master Luo greeted us after we … [Read More...]

Summer Internship Posts

Final Thoughts

After being abroad for an entire year, there are a lot of big things that you learn. I will not dive into everything that I learned from the entire year, but rather focus on a few things that I felt were very important at the conclusion of the … [Read More...]

Internship experience

I interned at TÜV SÜD Shanghai on the quality management team this summer. Every single member of my team was very supportive and would help whenever necessary. All of my colleagues were extremely interested in getting to know background and why I … [Read More...]

Shanghai adventures

For the 2017-18 academic year I had been studying in Shanghai. Upon the conclusion of my program in the middle of May, I returned home to Houston for two weeks of rest before returning to Shanghai. I arrived back to PuDong International Airport on … [Read More...]

Final Thoughts

The night before leaving for Beijing, my final destination in China, I met an Austrian traveler walking around the city-wall of Xi'an. It was a rainy evening, but we quickly got caught up in a conversation about our life-paths up until this point. … [Read More...]

Cupping, Acupunture, and Basketball?

I had an amazing experience living on my own in Shanghai for two months working at 上海三爱中医门诊部 (San Ai TCM).  San Ai TCM is a Traditional Chinese Medicine Clinic that focuses on holistic methods specializing in acupuncture and cupping specifically. My … [Read More...]